Course Layout

Champion Hills Country Club Golf Course

Course Layout

Golf Course Layout at Champion Hill Country Club

#1 StripedCreating character and beauty while linking the remaining golf holes. The result is a golf course with memorable images. This is accomplished by developing a specific concept for each project which helps to generate its features and forms. These concepts are produced by abstracting and blending a combination of the following inspirations:

Elements of Inspiration

The Original Links The timeless and rugged links courses are filled with brilliantly conceived golf holes that
take full advantage of existing topography and environmental conditions. I capture and integrate a “sense of
place” from these courses.

#1 Over the LakeNatural Processes Golf was originally played over topography formed through erosion by wind and water.
By studying these natural processes through photography, drawing, and writing, I have developed a palette of
images to assist in form generation.

The Existing Site Often an existing site provides much beauty and character that can be incorporated into
new forms and features producing golf course compositions that appear “completely natural.”

Other Arts The rhythm of music, the sequence of dance, the principles of architecture, the philosophies of
garden design, and the beauty of sculpture are all potential sources of inspiration that can help establish the
aesthetic character of the golf course.


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