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Head Golf Professional

Head Golf Professional Darlene Sommer at Champion Hills

Darlene Sommer Golf Learning Center


The K-Vest

darlenesommersTake a golf lesson using the most advanced 3-D technology available today. After capturing a swing using both Video and 3-D Military Sensors, the instructor will focus on areas of your swing to make you stronger and more efficient. Using kinetics and 3-D motion biomechanics, you will train the proper core golf muscles conditioning your balance, strength and flexibility. Once you go “live” in the 3-D K-Vest, you will immediately receive visual and auditory responses helping you “see, hear and feel” how your body moves during the golf swing. A printed summary report is available once your swing has been captured.


Sonic Golf

Darlene with KvestAll great golf swings have great rhythm, tempo, and timing. These essential factors allow the best golfers to move in harmony with physics, unleash huge forces and generate soaring golf shots.  With Sonic Golf, for the first time, you can literally hear the rhythm, tempo and timing of your swing in real-time, as you swing, and tune in to the most fundamental success factors of the golf swing.  Sonic Golf is simple, straightforward, and amazingly effective. Hear “casting from the top”. Hear jerky transitions from backswing to downswing. Hear the release of the club head before, at or after the ball, and hear the sweet sound of a smooth, fluid, rhythmic golf swing – in real-time, every time.  No matter your playing level or understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing, Sonic Golf will help you make immediate and lasting improvements in your golf swing.


Tomi Putting System

The Tomi Putting System allows instructors to graphically capture and analyze golfer’s putting strokes in real-time. Using a camera, a clip on sensor, and propriety software, Tomi uses basic mechanics to measure alignment, rotation, path, loft, impact and tempo. This helps the instructor and students identify any faults in both amateur and pro putting strokes. Tomi’s visual data collection tells the instructor instantly what the students are doing. This revolutionary system allows for more effective putting instruction.


TPI Fitness Assessments

Our certified TPI fitness staff will be available by appointment to give you a golf fitness evaluation, which will then allow them to build a personalized golf specific fitness training program using the Titlesist Performance Institute or MYTPI .com web site. Once you are evaluated, you will receive a golf “fitness handicap” showing you what your baseline is when you first start your program. After 18 training sessions, you can be re-evaluated to see how much better your “fitness handicap” has improved.

MYTPI.com has the largest free information website on golf-specific fitness, golf health, and golf swing biomechanics. Your free subscription to MyTPI.com includes an expansive article library; video tips from the pros, equipment reviews and hundreds of printable video exercise.  Your personalized program will be easily tracked.


Golf Pilates

Pilates is total body conditioning, focusing on activating and strengthening core muscles, increasing flexibility, improving joint stability, balance and body alignment. Pilates is beneficial to the golfer as these are all factors involved in executing the perfect golf swing and avoiding injury. Pilates will benefit anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness allowing them to have more enjoyment and longevity pursuing their preferred physical activity. Pilates is one of the best ways to strengthen your core and back muscles and get the flexibility you need to be able to efficiently swing the golf club.


Maximum Golf Exercise Class

The “Maximum Golf” Exercise Program is designed to help maximize a golfers use of their core golf muscles. It is a strengthening and conditioning program combined with a stretching program. Each class is a series of 35 exercises, with the first 17 centered on stretching and conditioning and the last 18, a series of aerobic swing drills. The swings drills use a weighted club for maximum strengthening of the golf muscles. Student will need a 7 iron, a long towel, and a yoga mat. Comfortable clothing should be worn. Weights will be provided.


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